4 reasons to clean your mattress
surprisingly easy teips to clean your own mattress
4 reasons to clean your mattress

Do you regularly clean your mattress? If you are looking for a cleaner and healthier home then you must consider cleaning your mattress regularly, at least, every 6 months.

How you clean your mattress will depend on the type of mattress that you have; read the manufacturer’s instructions on the best way to care for your mattress.

Some of the best ways to clean your mattress are simple and easy to do. The most important thing to remember with any mattress is not to get it soaking wet. It will smell before being able to get it dry.

4 reasons to clean your mattress

This article isn’t focusing on the how but more on the why you need to do the task. The reasons for keeping it as clean as possible.

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Why You Should Clean Your Mattress

There are many reasons as to why you should keep your mattress clean. Let’s look at the top 4 reasons for doing so.

Reason 1 For Cleaning Your Mattress

Sleeping on a mattress is going to increase its moisture levels. We sweat and breathe during the sleeping process and this creates moisture.

Moisture is the perfect breeding ground for a lot of things including mold. If we aren’t looking after our mattress the chances increase that these mold spores will start growing.

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Reason 2 For Cleaning Your Mattress

When we sleep skin cells fall off our body, it’s a natural process of our skin cells and they fall onto our mattress.

These skin cells need cleaning up. We can’t keep lying on top of dead skin cells. It’s not good for our health to lay on top of dead skin cells.

Reason 3 For Cleaning Your Mattress

Dust mites like to live on and in our beds. They live in the mattress, in the pillows, and even in your duvets.

They do this because they like to eat the dead skin cells. Then they leave their own bodily waste behind in your bed.

You aren’t going to ever completely get rid of them, but by cleaning your mattress you are going to reduce their numbers as well as clean up their waste from your bed.

Reason 4 For Cleaning Your Mattress

Dust and debris from the air can land on your mattress. As well as all sorts of insects and bugs.

Cleaning your mattress regularly is going to reduce this dust and debris and also help to ensure that you don’t have bugs.

Bed bugs aren’t something you want in your mattress or bedroom for that matter. They can quickly become a big problem. Check out this article about bed bugs and how to get rid of them.

If you have bed bugs you will need the professionals to eradicate them.

Your Health And An Un-Clean Mattress

If you have allergies then keeping your mattress clean is essential. Dust mites, pollen, and general dust are going to make allergies worse.

Sleeping on a bed that isn’t kept clean is going to make the life of an allergy sufferer terrible.

But in general, even if you don’t have allergies you should still have a clean mattress to sleep on. You deserve to have a nice place to sleep.

How To Keep Your Mattress Clean

The best advice is to ensure that any accidents are dealt with as soon as possible. So, any liquid is pulled up and out of the mattress as quickly as possible.

Regular cleaning of the mattress, and vacuuming the mattress at least once a month.

Use a mattress protector to avoid any accidents going through the mattress. You can read my article on why you need a mattress protector.

Not only do they help protect your mattress from potential accidents they can also help reduce the number of dust mites.

How To Spot Clean Stains

When it comes to accidents and spills it’s important to act as quickly as possible to pull the stain out of the mattress before it stains.

surprisingly easy teips to clean your own mattress

Using a carpet cleaning machine is one of the best ways to clean up spills and to pull any liquid out of the mattress before it has time to go deeper into the mattress.

I use a handheld carpet spot cleaner for any mattress accidents.

More Information On Keeping Your Mattress Clean

There is so much advice that I thought I would share some more articles on looking after your mattress.

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