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paint your concrete florr
paint your concrete floor

I want to paint a concrete floor. We are having a lot of work done on our conservatory and I want to paint the floor, no carpet, vinyl, or laminate, I just wanted paint.

We have a concrete floor that needs something to prevent the dust from going around my home because it was never sealed. But at the same time, I want something that looks good and I think painting it will make it amazing.

So, come with me as I research what I need to create my conservatory by painting the concrete floor.

paint your concrete floor

This isn’t something that is often done, it’s been difficult to find tips and ideas to transform my concrete floor into something I love.

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Items I Need To Paint A Concrete Floor

I like to think about the supplies as I go through the idea, it allows me to build a basic budget of the costs in my mind.

This isn’t a cheap option as I first thought. It’s not going to be a quick transformation either.

  • I will need to decide on a style and find suitable concrete paint
  • A painting roller to apply the paint
  • Painters tape to protect the skirting boards
  • Stencils, if I choose to stencil the floor
  • Protecting the paint after it’s on the floor, especially in high-traffic areas

You will need to clean the floor especially if you have pets with fur. This is something that is going to be tough to achieve.

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Why Paint A Concrete Floor

We’ve had carpet in there since it was first put up, it is going to go through some major changes soon and we know that the carpet needs to go.

While it was a great carpet, it wasn’t the best color! A beige/gold color! Please don’t ask me why we choose that color. I now hate it.

Every time I vacuum it my Shark is full of little gold/beige fluffy bits, I’m convinced that the sun and dampness have destroyed this carpet.

So, the reason for painting the floor is simple I want something different that will stand the test of time.

I Need Concrete Floor Paint

One of the first things I needed to do was to look for concrete floor paint and to see if this was going to be something we could do.

I was surprised to find a limited supply of colors for concrete floor paint because most people use them in garages or professional buildings.

Not many people have opted to do concrete flooring in their homes and this does limit the color options.

However, luckily for me, I didn’t want a floor paint color that was going to be in your face, after all, I wanted it to stand the test of time and not be outdated because of the color I chose.

Sorting Out The Damp Problem

Don’t worry the damp is going in the most amazing upgrade.

This was something that bugged me for ages, the dampness in the conservatory was causing mold and I didn’t want to keep having to clean it.

This was before I found the power of tea tree oil and what it does to mold. It meant that I was constantly paying for bleach-based products that didn’t kill the mold.

But also we took steps to completely transform the conservatory and this means no more mold. We had the windows and roof completely replaced, transforming this into a room we can use.

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How Dampness Caused Holes In Concrete

In my conservatory having dampness was a constant wasn’t good, we had two dehumidifiers going 24 hours a day. But that hardly touched the amount of dampness that was in that room.

When the carpet was ripped out there were holes in two spaces where water had dripped down over time and created holes in the concrete floor.

I know they weren’t there when the floor was first laid and that is scary to think water can do so much damage to our homes. Read this on how much damage water can do to concrete.

So, before we could pain we had to deal with these holes first.

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What I Wanted As Flooring

I don’t want tiles, I have them in my hallway and while I like them, I don’t love them.

So, I feel the only option I haven’t explored is painting the concrete floor.

I want to fall in love with this upgrade, so I am spending time choosing the right products for this area.

Are you unsure as to the paint you want to use? Check out this resource for the best concrete paint for your patio, basement, or garage, it’s full of great information.

Concrete Floor Finishes

Have you seen some of the amazing floor designs that are possible by just using paint?

You will be truly inspired by what I have to show you.

concrete floor ideas

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Concrete Paint Colours

I am genuinely amazed by the colors, textures, and patterns for painting concrete floors.

I had no idea about the number of different available options. As for the colors that you want, the choice is endless.

I just can’t make up my mind as to what option I want to try yet, here’s hoping that my hubby falls in love with this option as much as I am.

I really can’t believe that painting floors seemed so odd when I first started to think about it and now it truly is something that I want to try, in more than one room.

Epoxy Floor Paint

The more I’m reading up on the subject the more I’m learning about the different types of paint to use.

Because we have dogs, and they love to run around the house, I’m looking for epoxy paint options. I have seen that you can get paint with one part epoxy and this gives protection to the paint from scratches.

After all, I want the paint to hold up under general use at home.

Best Concrete Floor Paint

I’m looking for suggestions as to the best concrete floor paint. I want to make sure that this project is done right and looks fabulous.

Ok, I’m so convinced of how great the room is going to look, there is no doubt in my mind that my hubby won’t love the idea too.

paint your concrete florr

I’m so excited to start planning how I want the floor to look, the colors I can use, and the style options. Stay tuned for updates on what we decide to do.

Further Resources For Your Home

When it comes to looking after our home and even decorating it takes time and it takes commitment to follow through with some of the choices. This is why I love these ideas and I think they will help you too.

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