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6 Ways To Reduce Waste In Your Home pin

Do you want to reduce the amount of things you throw away, save money, or a combination of them both? The idea to reduce waste in your home could just be part of the bigger picture of managing your home better.

But what if you want to save money as well as reduce the negative impact that waste has on the planet we live on? There are some great home management tips to be learned, and the benefits for our money as well as for the world.

6 Ways To Reduce Waste In Your Home pin

So, the idea that we can do our bit for the world we live in, and save money at the same time is going to be a positive thing.

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Why Reduce Waste In Your Home

One of the most important things we can do is to reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill sites around the world. We aren’t doing future generations any favors by just burying the things that we no longer want or use.

If we take the time and use products sustainable this would make a difference, to your pocket as well as the world.

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How Can You Reduce Waste In Your Home

The simple answer is to be wise about the products that you use and buy in your home. Are they being imported, covered in plastic to preserve them for longer periods?

Visiting local farmers’ markets and buying things that are locally grown and sourced. A lot of the time it’s a lot more expensive to shop locally.

You have to look at the price as well as the quality of the products.

1-Donate Or Sell

The first thing you can do if you have something you no longer want or need is to see if you can donate it somewhere.

You could donate to a charity or even to friends and family. But you could also sell it too. This would help bring in some cash for items that you don’t want.


How about repurposing items elsewhere around your home and garden?

Glass jars are perfect for keeping small things in the garage. My grandad used to have glass jars filled with small things, like screws. But he was of the era that didn’t throw anything away if it could be reused.

3-Re-Use It

Things like plastic bags, take a reusable bag with you. I prefer material bags as they are more reliable than plastic reusable bags. They also don’t break in the most inconvenient spot either.

Using glass bottles for soap and washing up liquid means that you don’t need to buy plastic bottles. Buying refills instead of any supplies will save you money and reduce the waste you produce.


Recycling is important and there are many different ways you can recycle.

Take items to recycling plants, and using companies that have recycling options.

The Bower Collective’s plastic packaging can be sent back to the company for it to be reused.


How about having your own compost area in your garden? You place kitchen and garden scraps in and turn them from waste into compost that you can use to feed your garden.

This will allow you to grow better quality plants and veg in your own garden.

6-Go Paperless

Who needs to have bills and paper coming into the home when you can do so much more without having to print out bills?

A paperless home isn’t drowning in paper lying around the home.

Take the time to become a paperless household. Ensure bills are sent via email saving you time as well as reducing the paper you have coming into your home.

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Bonus- Grow your own

One of the best ways to reduce waste is to grow some of your produce. With the rising costs of food, growing your own could save you money because you will have your food at home.

There are so many benefits from growing your own food.

  • Food is fresher and healthier
  • Exercise for you
  • Saves you money

How To Be Less Wasteful

Thinking about how wasteful we can be is significant in reducing this. The more you are aware of the things that you waste the easier it’s going to become to reduce this.

Thinking about food waste; how you can reduce this? Buy what you need and make sure that you are doing everything to eat this food before it goes out of date.

There are several ways you can do this:

  • Meal planning
  • Using a shopping list
  • Don’t buy short-dated products unless you plan on eating them right away
  • Composting food waste, if it’s compatible with your compost system

If we think about the clothes that we wear. Buying better quality clothes helps to reduce the amount of clothes that are thrown away.

You could even learn how to mend something rather than just throwing it out.

There are many ways where we can be less wasteful. We just have to think about what we are doing and what is getting thrown in the trash.

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How To Make Recycling Part Of Your Routine

You have to take it one step at a time. Start recycling the items that you have and think about the products you buy in the future.

The products I’m buying are good quality and follow my beliefs in recycling.

reduce waste at home

This is why I source a lot of my products from the Bower Collective. Not only are their products great. They also recycle the plastic containers and reuse them again.

Ways To Reduce Waste In Your Home

As you can see we have gone through just a few ideas that will help you reduce the waste in your home. There are a lot more things you can do, let the challenge begin!

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I’m a qualified organizer and I’ve kept a clean home for over 25 years. I worked in a bank for a few years and saw first-hand the importance of budgeting. Join me as I write about organizing and cleaning your home and life.